So the boyfriend and I took a fun little trip out to the Wisconsin Dells for his birthday this week. We went up on Thursday and stayed the night at Mt Olympus. It was nice to hang out in the water for a while. We also had a jacuzzi in our room, and that was so nice.

I don’t know how many people have seen the movie Big, but they had a Zoltar machine inside Mt Olympus. In the movie, the kid makes a wish to be bigger as he gets his fortune read by this machine. Zoltar apparently works some crazy magic, and the kid wakes up the next day in a grown-up body.

Well, I totally went for the Zoltar machine. It says that I will see better days soon, which is comforting since I’ve been flaring for a pretty good while now… and it also says that I’ll lose my money problems if I’m nice and sincere to others. I gotta be honest, even though Big is a movie, I kinda hoped that, if I made some drastic, life-altering wish, it might come true. But instead, I woke up this morning to pain in my left ankle and knee.

Damn you Zoltar, for not working your magic on me.

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  1. Ha, I make wishes like that all the time. Maybe one day they'll come true..
    That's an awesome film, I didn't realise the machines actually existed!

  2. Neither did I! I saw it and geeked out 🙂

    There's even an interactive FB page!

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