So I knew last night that it was at least going to rain, which it managed to do while I was sleeping. But it’s been non-stop storming in my area for the past seven hours or so.

I felt great earlier today, but then as I drove into the Madison area to spend time with the boyfriend, I just started to feel downright gross. I was extra tired, hurting in odd spots (one kidney, really?), and just started getting irritable.
Driving back home later, in the middle of the thunder storms, I started to feel nauseous and slightly dizzy because of all the flashing lights. I’m really sensitive to light, so I’m sure that didn’t help either.
Neither does the thought of having to wake up at 5 in the morning. Stupid work.
We’re gonna see if I can avoid throwing up tonight. I hate it, which is why I avoid it at all costs, but I’m just not sure how well that’s gonna work right now.

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