Update on Richelle Golden

Source: Salem News

The Veterans Administration (VA) is relaxing the rules for veterans who use
medical marijuana in states where it is legal. Experts and activists are calling
the decision an historic event; it will certainly change the position of many
vets currently receiving care, who until now have been restricted under VA
rules, to dangerous morphine based drugs for treatment; pills that are both
highly additive, and deadly.

Richelle Golden was ordered to Madigan Army Medical Center where she
arrived in a wheelchair and was promptly treated as a criminal drug user for
using medicine. The support from high ranking officers in the Oregon National
Guard has brought her no favor. She has been charged and denied medical
marijuana. It was the only thing helping her control nausea at the time, and she
became so sick afterward that she almost died.

This new decision is undoubtedly good news in her case, one where it seems
likely that someone on the Army was out to teach a soldier a lesson, and show a
side of humanity that many believe has no place in the service and in the
treatment of those who volunteered to serve their country at a time of

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