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Holy Crap

I have had the most ridiculous two weeks ever. My rash last week was absolutely horrible, as was my swelling (oh, and here are pics).

I’m supposed to be starting Prednisone to take care of the swelling. It’s not really an issue (comparatively) right now, but I’ll do it. I just don’t want chipmunk face 🙁

My boyfriend and I were out of town for the weekend, and any pictures of me look horrible. My face is swollen and gross. But I took some fun pictures nonetheless.

Oh, also, because of all that gross swollen body and rash and whatnot in the last two weeks, I’m an emotional wreck (I think).

I am ready to just be done with all this.


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  1. i was hospitalized five years ago today and shortly after was diagnosed with Still's Disease. I did take Prednisone and it helped me so much. I had all the symptoms but I was 43 years old when diagnosed. You will get through this. The Prednisone helped me because my inflammation levels were 17 times higher than a normal person. Don't give up!

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