Kirsten Smash!

Okay, so it was my first day taking steroids.

I have no attention span. I keep getting hella warm/sweating, so that’s sexy. Oh, and I have like way too much energy and feel like the Hulk. I cleaned my room and organized things – that should’ve been a two day job… or at least longer than two hours.

I felt like running, but knew that was a horrible idea.

And now my stomach hates me. Sprite does not help (which might be okay anyway cause it belongs to my roommate haha). The doctor wants me to take half of what she initially said, dosage-wise, so maybe that will help.

Oh! Also! I bought mittens today. They are much warmer than my cruddy gloves. Yay warm hands!

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  1. that sounds a bit intense! hopefully the lower dose will be better.

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