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I’m tired of being on steroids. I’ve been really emotional and melancholy lately, and I don’t think the prednisone is helping that much anymore. I keep being really existential, and I think I’m having a quarter life crisis.

Also, I just got yelled at in the bathroom for using the handicapped stall by someone in a wheelchair. I was very nice and tried to explain that I was sorry but that my RA makes it hard sometimes to use the other stalls because they’re so much lower. She just rolled her eyes and nodded.

I don’t even know how to feel about that. I was in the stall for a while cause I was crying, which she must’ve heard. Is it wrong to be frustrated that she didn’t seem to understand, or am I just being a baby about my condition lately?

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  1. nah that was out of order, that person in the wheelchair should've been more understanding, especially as i'm sure he/she has come across prejudice in their life as well. people are just idiots sometimes, try not to get too upset over it even though it's hard not to!

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