Oh medicines

So I feel a little less Hulk, but a little more like I can’t focus as well. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if I am not handling the prednisone well. I know that it can cause mood swings, but lowered attention span? Maybe.

The prednisone really has helped get my swelling down. I guess I never realized how swollen my whole body was all the time until I started taking it. My fingers look like my grandma’s (she has really thin hands). Oh, and all of my clothes are either fitting better or falling off me… which is both great and slightly annoying, haha. It’s helped lessen my asthma and psoriasis too, which is so great because both were really getting out of control.

I have a rheumy appointment on the 30th. I’m thinking of asking to stay on the steroids, or try another kind maybe. Everything about it is so good for me. Again, I just need to figure out the focusing thing, which I’m sure he can help with. I’m excited for my appointment, because it’s a new rheumy at a new place. I think I tend to communicate better with men too, so that’ll help. I usually get along better with guys, and there isn’t as much of an awkward judging feeling as there is with women.

Last night, my boyfriend and I went to a basketball game in Milwaukee. I was kind of pensive about the whole thing, because I knew I was going to need to take more plaquenil in the middle of the game. But it all worked out great, because I got to be the go-and-get-food-and-soda person. It worked out better than I thought it would, and we had seats with a good amount of leg space, which was helpful for me and the tall guy with me.

I’m looking forward to hopefully more time to get homework done, and to enjoy the mild fall/winter that it looks like we’ll have up here. Damn global warming for ruining the earth, but less cold also means less arthritis symptoms for me usually… Oh, the conflict!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you do with plaquenil?
    Im 43 years old male from Argentina, with still s disease (adult onset). Im on meprednisone 40 mg and metotrexate now.

  2. Plaquenil is okay. It made me sick to my stomach at first, but I also was not eating as much as I should have been when I started taking it. It does not seem like it is really controlling the Still's, just because lately I have had a lot of the minor aches and pains that it had been blocking come back.

    I kind of think that how well I thought Plaquenil was working right at first was because of how much I really wanted it to work for me, and not really because it was working that well.

    How do you handle the methotrexate? I am reluctant to think about that as an option, just because it can really affect a woman's ability to have children.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So far so good…. maybe its not a real miracle, but im on holiday with the pain because of te corticosteroids(i think so).
    I think maybe a lot of stomach ache, nauseas, oral ulcerae and abdominal distension are result of both drugs at the same time. I feel some kind of minor relief when i was told to downsize the meprednisona dose from 60 to 40 mg.
    After i go down really with the corticoides maybe i can tell you from real about metotrexate itself.
    I think that in the meantime while u dont have planning to have a child maybe its another option for treatment (of course with a anticonceptive method during the treatment and several months of withdrawal prior to planning to get pregnant).
    Excuse my english 🙂 In Argentina we speak spanish, and im better speaker than writer on english (what of course dont mean i am good on any of both!!!).
    what dose of prednisone are you taking now?
    Juan Pablo

  4. I took 5mg once a day for a week, and then 2.5mg once a day for a week. I'm off of them now and really feeling it!

    I get worried about some of the other medications because I have a lot of allergies and I tend to react weird to some things for no real reason. Oh well, something to talk about with the DR at least.

    I speak a little Spanish! I used to be almost fluent, but then I started learning other languages and started forgetting Spanish 🙁 But you can write in Spanish if you'd rather.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the impasse. Im started to feel better and of course want to do a lot of things at the same time. My life was on some kind of frozen bubble por at least four months so this days i try to recover some of the time doing things that are waiting for me. I have three little childrens (twins of five years…boy and a girl and a two years old little girl) so i try to recover some quality time with them after a long period of time in bed, feeling me bad, with fever, pain, and exhaustion (its correct or a just create a new word????). Also do a lot of things on my house, and star to working again. I dont feel me real good at all, but really better and with some effort, im doing this pass weeks a kind of life very similar to my previous days before.
    Still on 40 mg per day of meprednisona and 10 mg of metotrexate, with less abdominal pain, a lot of ulceraes on mouth and tongue, but i think i will survive 😉
    So now you´re just on plaquenil and not corticosteroids? great!
    I am waiting to keeping downsize de dose in the next weeks….will see!
    Send u big kiss
    Como te decia mi ingles hablado es algo mejor que mi ingles escrito……pero ambos no son buenos.
    Buena semana
    Juan Pablo

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