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Second day off steroids

And it sucks. My left hand is shuay-shuay (Arabic for meh) but my right hand, holy cow. I can’t straighten my middle finger. It’s so swollen that bending it is getting to be pretty fun also. My back seems like it’s hurting more than before. Oh, and my left knee has joined in the chorus of pain. Ugh.

The rheumy I’m going to see on the 30th doesn’t have great reviews online. I hope he’ll listen to me about needing to stay on the steroids for a bit, or finding a new medicine. The plaquenil just isn’t handling the swelling right. Also, I need real pain medicine. I’m tired of taking too many Aleve.

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  1. Fight to get on a prescription NSAID, I have found a fairly new drug called Zipsor has worked wonders for my flaring joints. Much more immediate and potent than advil and it's main ingredient is diclofinac.

    Also, sometimes you've got to fight to find a doctor that you like. It's ok to part ways with a doctor you don't like. I went through a few rheumys before I found the one. Keep on trucking girl!

  2. Yeah, I'll definitely look into it. The hard thing for me is that I have so many stinkin' allergies that it really limits medication I can take. Blech.

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