health adventure

One week off steroids

Well, my swelling/pain is down a little bit. My back is mostly better now. My hands are swollen still, but they pretty much always have been. My middle fingers tend to be the worst – my right one especially, but that’s because I got beat up in kindergarten and hurt it pretty good. Ugh.

It was also my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday yesterday, so I got to make Thanksgiving dinner. My boyfriend came up with a helpful and arthritis-friendly idea – to make Hungry-Man turkey dinners! His aunt usually does that for Thanksgiving. It actually was pretty good. I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting things ready, but the cleanup was pretty quick (I love having a dishwasher for this reason, and I will not be without one again!).

We went bowling yesterday too, which was pretty fun. I kind of temporarily screwed up my wrist. I picked a ball that was perfect for me at the beginning, but eventually my fingers got more and more swollen, so I got to deal with a suction-cup effect. But it was pretty fun, and I even beat everyone else one game! Without bumpers, I might add.

Now I have a weekend full of work and research. Yay huge papers!

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