New rheumy, new meds

Well, my appointment with my new rheumy yesterday went well. He’s a quick in-and-out kind of guy, and basically will do what I think I need, which is awesome. He put me back on prednisone, 5mg a day, and gave me 600mg ibuprofen that I’m allowed to take three times a day. But I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to take it that much. I’m just gonna take it as needed. I also got the full run of lab work done, as well as a ton of x-rays.

The steroids are starting to kick in and help with the swelling, so hopefully that’ll continue to help. We’ll look at tapering in a few months.

I was so exhausted by the end of the day. I didn’t go to my class directly after the doctor’s appt, but instead worked on a paper until a meeting at work, and then had to finish the paper. So busy!

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  1. Wow,only 5mgs/day? That's great if it controls your symptoms on such a low dose! I must admit I'm a little jealous, 60mgs/day didn't even touch my pain! But with the evil roids, they say less is best! Good for you. I'm glad you found a rheumy you seem to like and is straight to the point. Hoping this works for you!

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