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Happy new year! (well, soonish)

This has been a rather interesting year for me, with a lot of major events. I think they might be worth a little recap.

Okay, so we started off the year with posts on the horrible effects of RA and Still’s Disease. Not maybe the best way to start off the year, but I made up for it by posting about great RA-ers like Sandy Koufax, Jamie Farr, and Renoir. Then, I finally got back on track medically by going to a few doctor’s appointments and being told I should be on medicine. My rheumy was nice at first, but quickly started to suck. My arthritis was getting worse too – so bad that I decided it was time to get a disabled parking permit. I don’t know what I would’ve done without that this year.

But! Thankfully, my arthritis behaved pretty well during my college graduation and my wonderful boyfriend’s gift of a trip to go visit my extended family where I grew up in Oregon. I really miss being there for many reasons, but I think the weather is a big part of it. He’s a pretty awesome person I think, and I’m not sure how I’d get by without all the things he does for me.

I moved, twice, and started two new jobs – one at a hotel and one on campus at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. They’re both pretty awesome jobs, and they hardly seem like work… in my head at least. Stupid body. Oh yeah, and I started graduate school! Learning Arabic is pretty tough, but getting an AB in it is awesome. Also, I got a new rheumy and GP.

I began to understand what having Still’s Disease does to a relationship as things get worse. I also decided to be a little more open about my disease to everyone, with this blog being a big part of that plan. I blogged about one of my busy days too, even though it wasn’t one of the busiest I’ve had. Oh, and let’s not forget that beautiful flare up at the end of October, but I didn’t let it screw up my weekend away.

I started taking steroids, first to get rid of that flare and now to control symptoms. And now I’m also taking vitamin D and 600mg ibuprofen. But honestly the ibuprofen I think is making me sick to my stomach everyday. I thought at first it was maybe because I wasn’t eating enough, but I’ve been eating a lot (for me) lately with still the same issues. Bah!

But all in all, I’m a pretty lucky person this year. I mean, I even discovered some things I like about RA…ish. I’ve been through a lot and the stress level is understandable, but having a break from school is helping, even if I’m working both jobs more.

Happy 2011 everybody! I hope this next year brings better health for all of us.

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