MTX, day one

So I took my MTX yesterday – after classes just in case it knocked me out.

I had a pretty good sensitivity to light not too long after taking it. And then I was about ready for bed by 8:30… which is not conducive to my hectic student lifestyle but meh. I think I’m going to ask for Fridays off from work from now on. I might even offer to work the dreaded 2nd shift on Saturdays so that I have more time to rest, but we’ll see on that one.

I woke up alright this morning. I’ve been pretty tired all day though. And now I’m pretty warm too. I hate that.

I have a haircut appt on Thursday afternoon. I’m kind of excited. I’m not sure what I’ll get yet, but I have a couple of ideas. I want something shorter, because I never have my hair down since I get so warm like that. I’m tired of my ever present ponytail-bun.

Don’t forget about PFAM!

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