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PFAM Time!

Well, I only got two submissions for this edition of the PFAM, but hey it’s better than zero!

I love Nessie’s blog, Lipstick, Perfume, And Too Many Pills. Her post, Keep Fit And Have Fun, is all about making exercise enjoyable. I’m pretty interested in investigating in her Netflix yoga find!

Carla, from Lupus and Humor (and The Singing Patient!), talks about the struggles she faced in her efforts to become ‘normal.’ I wish I had the tenacity to follow through like her!

We all understand how difficult it is to stay fit when dealing with pain. Along with the ‘normal’ excuses for not going, we get to endure crazy amounts of pain and swelling as well. I think the biggest keys to success are to only do what you feel comfortable doing, and to have a workout buddy who understands what you’re going through.

I am lucky enough to experience both (on occasion). The boyfriend and I usually go together, when my schedule allows it. Really my biggest problem is to keep my exercise down to what I know I can do. Often I will try to go running instead of just walking… which would be fine if my knees, ankles, and hips weren’t my worst joints. And then I end up wiped out the next day. But you live and learn. Hopefully, most of us learn more quickly than our bodies seem to want to do.

Hope you enjoyed this small edition of Patients For A Moment. Check out the PFAM blog for more dates and topics.

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