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MTX and Protests

Oh Wisconsin, I love your craziness.

The governor is totally being a killjoy and trying to remove the rights of unions to bargain… Also, he’s going to screw up my school, and we aren’t standing for it. What he’s doing is removing the tuition remission for TAs, which essentially will screw up the school as a large percentage of classes (especially languages) are taught by TAs… who will now not have enough money to attend the school.

But it got me to thinking that protesting is similar to fighting a chronic disease.

As I was standing the the capitol building, shouting and protesting against this attack on our rights, it really hit me. I protest everyday, by taking my medications and by living my life as normally as I can.

We lowered my dose of MTX and I’ve started to take 2 pills in the morning and two in the PM. This is my first week like that, and I’m hoping it helps my side effects go down. But hey, I think it’s really helping so I’m excited about that.

Well, it’s either the MTX, the unseasonably wonderful weather, or the smell of protest in the air… 🙂

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