St Patty’s Day From Hell

Seriously, yesterday/this morning sucked. And no, I wasn’t drinking.

I worked last night at the hotel. And while there, had to take 2400mg of ibuprofen, which pretty much had no effect on my pain level and neither did anymore caffeine. My jaw felt broken and nothing I could do was helping. I got home and warmed up my aromatherapy cow and finally fell asleep with that on my face… only to wake up an hour later with the same damn pain.

Warmed the cow again, rinsed my mouth more, and tried to sleep. This time I made it off and on until 5.

Warmed cow did not help anymore. Took migraine meds, which only make things worse for about an hour or so, so sleeping went out the window. At 7, woke up AGAIN, and took some more ibuprofen. Finally, some real sleep for about an hour.

If you’re a rheumy, please understand how much more of a dangerous place you put patients in when you don’t want to prescribe pain meds that work. I felt sick to my stomach all night because of how much I took, and probably had a mild overdose if I really want to look at my symptoms.

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