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A world of pain

Okay, so my rheumy’s office apparently doesn’t handle pain meds. Not quite sure what to think about that. They ‘treat’ the disease, but not the symptoms? Except if I’m flaring, I might be able to get more steroids…? Something here doesn’t make sense. They weren’t even willing to discuss any of that with me. Whatever.

So in the meantime, life sucks. I have an appt with my ‘primary care’ doc tomorrow. Hopefully she can give me something for pain. Otherwise, it’s a referral to the pain management clinic… which I’m sure would be helpful, but I just can’t afford it – the cost or the damn wait.


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  1. Have you asked your rheumy why he/she won't work with you on pain meds? I had a frank open discussion with mine. "I can't afford you, a primary care & a pain management doctor. Would you be willing to look over my PMrecords and see, a: I'm not a non compliant patient & b: my increases are for flares only. I would rather have one doctor responsible for the meds & I would rather it be you as it's your disease area that is causing my pain" My doctor was extremely impressed by my short, verbal case and my point was well made. We have a great relationship now.

    I wish you the best.

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