Now we play the waiting game

I called the DR’s office today, to get better pain meds. I am missing classes that I’d rather not be missing because I’m in so much pain that I can only make it through one class – if I’m able to go at all.

Supposedly I’ll hear back tomorrow or Thursday. I’m really pessimistic about what he’ll say, since he “doesn’t prescribe narcotics” and this damn ibuprofen makes me crazy sick to my tummy, yo.

Can we fast forward a few days?

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  1. I would seriously question any doctor who does not prescribe narc's to someone. I mean really, sometimes a patient has to have them to deal with every day duties. I couldn't imagine my doctor telling me that. Maybe he/she is just real hesitant? Either way, I hope you get some relief. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Apparently it's their office policy to make the patient go to their primary care doc. Ummmm… If we have chronic illnesses like this, our specialists are likely the only doctors that some of us see because of insurance, money, and knowledge. Whatever, I'm going to just have to find a new rheumy I think.

    I have an appointment on Monday with my 'primary' doctor on campus to see if they can prescribe anything. If not, I get to try to get a referral to the Pain Clinic.

    Why is it so hard to people in pain to get some sort of relief? Jeepers.

    But thanks Tammy 🙂

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