Imagine the enthusiasm and anger with which the handsome Gerard Butler screams this phrase while kicking that other dude into that hole. Now imagine a pissed off patient in a rheumatologist’s office.

Okay, so it didn’t quite go like that.

I told him straight up I’m done taking the mtx, so I’m not taking it anymore. And I feel so much better already!

I should be starting Humira soon, but will be needing to get financial assistance with that. Walgreens called to tell me that was ready today. Eep. Waiting for my TB test Tuesday/Thursday and then I’ll learn how to shoot myself up. Yay!

Also, I’ve been offered a really unique ability to blog for another website. But I’ll have more about this later!

Tonight, I’m off to a free 80s vs 90s music battle/concert/awesome event. And, since I’m off the mtx and can drink a little more now, I plan on thoroughly enjoying myself 🙂

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