Guest Blogging?

So, a few of us health bloggers have landed a guest gig over at the Achieve Clinical website. My first post went up yesterday. If you know my back story, it’s pretty much the same, but with some new information added and such. I like it 🙂

It’s almost been 2 weeks since my last mtx dose. And I’m dealing with some withdrawal symptoms, but I don’t feel like a zombie anymore, so I think that’s a fair trade.

I had the start of a TB test yesterday and will go in tomorrow for them to read it. I also will need to figure out if I can get my Humira free, cause I’m a poor girl. And right now my co-pay is too much to be fully covered by the co-pay card they have. So that’ll be fun. Because of all of that, I’m not sure exactly when I will start, but hopefully soon.

I just banged the crap out of my knee on the coffee table in the lobby at work. Bad decision, oh man.

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