My first Humira shot

Okay, so I’m thinking I’m just going in to get my TB test read and get the financial assistance paperwork to fill out on Thursday, right?

Well, I ended up with a free shot of Humira too.

I just would like to say that I hate injections even more than getting blood drawn. They’re far more painful physically, that’s for sure. Well, the Humira is no exception. Because it is refrigerated, I’m sure that adds to the funky stinging – but the nurse also explained that it’s a completely different pH than the human body, so the stinging pretty much is always going to happen.

My initial reaction was to pull that sh** right out of my leg, but you have to hold the pen-needle in your skin for 10 seconds. I made it, but it was tricky definitely. I’m glad that there’s only one shot every two weeks cause who knows if I could handle that for longer. But I’m willing to try anyhow. So that counts for something, right?

At least I know other people on that drug to talk to if I think something is going wrong.

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  1. KirBir,
    I was wondering how much discussion your Dr. had with you about the Humira before you were given the injection?
    I know you are pretty fluent on all things RA, nevertheless maybe take a look at this short article about the possible effects.
    It doesn’t surprise me it left you feeling uncomfortable, besides the pH levels the immune system develops anti-drug antibodies that make adalimumab ineffective.
    I know some people have had great relief with it. How is it working for you?

  2. Hey Frank, thanks for the article!

    Truth be told, I did not have much discussion with him about the actual shot itself. He's not one for a lot of explanation unfortunately. His nurse was a little more explanatory, at least with this medication. But knowing that, I have been doing a lot of research lately on RA drugs, so maybe my doc doesn't feel the need to be as explainy. Who knows. I do have a list of things to watch for in case something goes wrong.

    I feel like the drug is really helping so far. I think I will have to adjust how many days are in-between when I take it because those last three or four days last week before my shot were pretty rough. But I will see if that happens again this go-round.

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