Chicago (again!)

Wow. I am exhausted…ish. I should be WAY more exhausted than I am though I think. So this Humira stuff must be working 🙂

I did not get called back for The Voice. I hit a flat note in my song and my eyes met with the judge in a horrifying moment and we both knew I wouldn’t be anyway. I say, oh well! I tried out and it was fun (aside from being a mere FIVE hours of basically standing the whole damn time). It doesn’t make sense for me to go be on the show right now anyway. I’m finally really happy with most everything going on and don’t want it to change.

But the boyfriend’s birthday in Chicago was pretty fun. We went down Friday and enjoyed the Brookfield Zoo. I was super proud of us that we remembered to bring the sunscreen 🙂  Then we had some delicious Connie’s Pizza before getting up early Saturday for me to stand in long lines and him to wander around Navy Pier. It was a tense, and yet relaxing, few days off.

I’m doing my Humira shot tonight and, hopefully, miss some of the fun injection effects while I sleep.

Tomorrow I have a fun list of things to get done before work. I’m hoping that I can get it done quickly and be kind of lazy… although I kind of really like playing housewife. And lately I’ve been dressing the part, in my cute retro outfits.

One of my friends got a tattoo today and I kind of really want one now! I’m looking at getting Arabic writing, but am unsure what to get. But all the words I have written down are awesome, like “strength” “fighter” “perseverance” and “determination” which Angelina Jolie actually has on her arm. Cool.

Also! Please check out my latest post over at Achieve Clinical filled with summertime tips for us spoonies 🙂

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