PFAM: World Arthritis Day Edition

Happy World Arthritis Day (if that can be a happy thing)

Sadly, just like the last time I hosted PFAM, I barely got any entries. I am not quite sure why, but oh well I guess. It seems like a lot of people who used to participate in PFAM don’t anymore unless the topic REALLY moves them.

The sole post that I have to share today is from Kathy over at FibroDAZE. She has gone through many changes in the last few months, and as such feel like she is living in her very own soap opera. When new medical issues pop up, life can definitely feel that way. Thanks Kathy for being wonderful and participating in this edition of the PFAM!

Late last month, I posted about my own personal dietary changes and how I thought they were helping. My suspicions are all but confirmed. It is very difficult to cut out staples in diet, like dairy products and gluten-full breads and such, especially for me. My father’s side of my family is Italian and, while I did not know him growing up, my mom always encouraged me to embrace my Italian heritage. It is driving me crazy, not eating tons of breadsticks soaked in garlic butter and parm cheese… Or, likewise, one of my favorite things about Wisconsin is frozen custard. We didn’t have this on the west coast/northwest, and I fell in love.

At least the best part about it is that I don’t really crave those things that often anymore. One of the wonderful people who really encouraged me to look at alternate grains is a man I have barely interacted with, but who has shown me a lot about nutrition – Chef Brad. My boyfriend and I just think he is wonderful and he has helped the both of us handle trying to eat healthier.

When I have added in dairy or gluten, I can tell how horrible my body feels. After eating some gluten the other night, I felt as though I had a body hangover the next day. My finger joints were swollen, and my knees were horrible. I could not go to classes and I was lucky that I was able to go to training at my new job in the late afternoon/evening. Likewise, adding dairy to my diet just creates tummy troubles – the gurgles, the heartburn, upsetness, and even more fun.

While it will be hard to stick to, I know that this change is right for me. I have felt so much better between that and starting my new job. The three minutes of delicious breadstick eating is not worth the joint pain and stomach issues.

I’m just glad I can still eat potatoes 🙂

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  1. Thanks for hosting. I'm wondering if PFAM suffers from a lack of publicity?

  2. Yeah, I am wondering. I posted several times over three weeks about this edition on Facebook and Twitter as well, so it could be a lack of popularity on my part, haha.

    Thanks again for posting hun! 🙂

  3. Eileen says:

    I live in Italy and am allergic to something in highly commercialised wheat. The easy way is to use gluten-free products – and there are excellent pasta and breadstick products available :-). Maybe you can find some to buy on the internet? Otherwise you'll have to come here on holiday – many restaurants are very clued up as coeliac disease is very common in Italy! I find reduced gluten makes a great difference – although I can eat spelt and kamut products OK in terms of the usual rash, the arthritis aspect (I have polymyalgia rheumatica) isn't as good 🙁

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