What is it like to be stuck at home?

On any given day, everyone wants to stay home. It would be nice to stay at home, lying around all day and watching TV.

But what if that was all you could do?

Not so fun huh?

Today is the first day out of the last few that I have felt well enough to do really anything. I did go to work the last two days, because I have to being in training still, or I’d lose my job. Not an option. It is hard to explain to my friends what exactly it feels like. But it’s like being trapped in your own body and there’s nothing you can do about it.

On waking up Monday, I could barely move. It got worse before it got better, and Monday night I was limping pretty good at work… which is okay, since I get to sit mostly. Tuesday was a little better, but still I was too swollen and in pain to do anything until like 2pm – and then the big thing I did was shower, something I physically couldn’t do Monday. Yay.

When showering is your big accomplishment, it’s a sad day.

All of this because I tried to taper my steroids down one milligram. It makes me mad that I am so dependent on them, but at the same time I am thankful I am not more dependent on them like many others I know. 5mg a day is much better than 50 or more. But I know one thing – I’m not going to make that mistake again.

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