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Another Chapter in MTX Land

I had a doctor’s appointment today. Well, a nurse practitioner.

She was awesome.

I did labs, including peeing all over my hand in a cup, and an x ray of my lower back. I’m holding my MTX dose this week to see if the back pain and hand pain subsides. If there is something wrong with MTX and me, then I’ll move onto leflunomide. From what she says, it’s essentially MTX but less crazy.

That’s pretty good, because at this point I’m about ready to not work ever again with the pain I’ve been in the past few days. Yesterday was easily one of the worst days of my life. And I still worked. Because I called in the day before.

I already arranged to have Thursday and Friday off this week as well. Last night, I felt a break in the pain, and then things got a lot better, but I just want to take it easy here for a few days. I’m exhausted after working through that pain.

I’m just hoping for some answers on what’s going on here. It’s imperative that I get them, so that I know how to proceed at this point.

In other news, my celiac tests came back negative, so that’s good. And I’ve discovered Spotify, so my love of jazz is growing exponentially.

Mmm blues and jazz.

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