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Back in December, I learned that you could do layaway at Sears but start your layaway online instead of having to be present in the store. You can then make payments online and pick up your items after 8 weeks. You could pay it off sooner if you wanted to, but most people I’ve dealt with in layaways don’t.

I’ve wanted a Wii for a long time, but I’m finally in a position where I have a little more disposable income to do fun things like that. Plus, it’s been tough for me lately to head off to the gym and not overdo it, so I thought that the Wii Fit Plus would really help me out.

I picked up the Wii yesterday, and I spent about an hour and a half today working out between Wii Fit Plus and Grand Slam Tennis.


I felt good today, and that is pretty amazing too. Hopefully, this week will be easier to get through with work and not taking the MTX this weekend.

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