HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Recap #HAWMC

Oh that was a fun month right? I don’t think I have ever, ever written that much. Holy cow. Let’s take a look back at the last month!

Okay, so while not actually part of HAWMC, I managed to do two awesomely fun interviews with two wonderful people – my boyfriend and author Carla Jones.

I shared some of my favorite quotes in Quotation Inspiration and managed to write some sad haikus!

I also shared some of my favorite music, whether it’s comparing illness to the Phantom of the Opera, or sharing my theme song, or sharing my parody of Air Supply.

I think that some of my favorite posts, though, were some of the most difficult and yet fun to write. I got so much positive feedback on Learned the Hard Way, where I shared my battle to come to take control of my health. I also enjoyed picking and writing about My Dream Day hanging out on the coast with the boyfriend. I think a tough thing to narrow down my dinner guests to just 5 amazing people!

I shared my challenges and victories with you throughout the month, like I try to do on a normal basis. Everything we do is a struggle – one that takes a lot of time and energy to fight.

I enjoyed writing and sharing these things with you, and I hoped you enjoyed reading them!

PS: Don’t forget about World Autoimmune Arthritis Day! And this month is also Arthritis Awareness month!

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