Oh Enbrel, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I have had kind of an amazing day in general. I picked up my ukulele again after a week of craziness.

Someone got to go get their Enbrel today from the pharmacy. I was super excited. I drove home. I blasted some ‘At Last’ by Etta James. I may have danced around in the living room with my Enbrel package.

I’m sorry you guys, I didn’t manage to take pictures of that. Super lame.

I took my time with it tonight and finished a lot of thing I’ve been meaning to do. I made mac and cheese from scratch, folded laundry, and even cleaned up around here! Whoa!

I pulled out the Enbrel pen from my little package and grabbed my ice pack from the freezer. Then, I settled in for a lovely bit of light reading. I actually read all of the information that comes with the pens.

I feel like maybe if I had read all of that when I started Humira I would maybe have rethought my decision. I don’t care that it’s less than a tenth of a percent, I don’t like knowing the anti-TNFs have caused multiple sclerosis in some people. I mean, what the fuck? I watched my great grandma die from that and now I gotta worry about that from a med? FUCCCCCK YOOOUUUU LIFE’S HEALTH CARD.

But okay, whatever. I’ve been on Humira for like a friggin’ year. So I mean, I might as well keep going.

I had been told I was getting syringes and so didn’t feel like I needed a teaching because it’s like injecting MTX. I actually got the sure-click auto pens. Maybe it was an insurance thing? Oh well, whatever.

My pen and my handy dandy how-to sheet

Once I figured out how to use the pen, the shot was so quick. It was so painless. I was able to watch the plunger on the pen push the solution into my body, which I think helped as a distraction. I also was hanging out for like half an hour reading all that shit before injecting while icing my belly. The needle felt so much smaller than the Humira needles. They were so much more gentle. How come you guys never told me???

I’ll keep you guys all up to date with how this goes. I really feel like it could really be something amazing for me – and maybe for you or your loved one.

Enbrel, I think you and I are going to be a great fit. Help me keep that bastard Arthur away and I’ll always keep you in the fridge in my heart.

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