I might be MIA for a little bit. Why?


I have an infection. Don’t know what it is, don’t really care. It has turned my adorable face into a poofy, poofy mess. I’m on antibiotics now, thankfully, but I’ll also be without Enbrel and Arava for the next little while so the anti-b’s can get to working and not be impeded further.

I feel like I look like I need a Phantom of the Opera mask… but that would add pressure so I don’t really want that. My gums are swollen too, which means all my teeth are squishing together. Yeah, not fun.

I need to sleep some more. It’s been really hard because this is super painful and laying down is… well, probably the least comfortable thing I can do right now.

I guess for right now I’m just grateful that I felt bad enough that I knew I needed to go into Urgent Care since my rheumy was in appts all day. Seriously, I called them at 8am about this right when their offices opened… and it took the Urgent Care doc getting in touch with them about the seriousness of what I’m going through to get through to her directly.

I didn’t get any additional pain meds. I didn’t ask for any, but they certainly also were not offered… which seems like a dick move, right?


Tomorrow will almost certainly be a day to stay home from work again, with Wednesday already a designated day off.

I just hope this clears up before Jeopardy next weekend.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better. I was thinking of you today as today is the last HOUSE episode ever. I hope you are on the mend soon!


  2. Thanks dear! I'm definitely ready to be done with the dang anti-bios. I'm tired of moldy burps and heartburn! But on the other hand, I feel really good right now. I just hope this has kicked the infection for good and I don't have to skip Enbrel again this week!

    AAAHHHHHH I'm recording it tonight. There's no way I could watch it around the boyfriend. I'll watch it in the morning and bawl like a friggin' baby. Better yet, I'll wait until Wednesday when I can cry over the season finale of Glee first to get it all out… or kind of try at least!

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