House Quote of the Week

“Life is pain. I wake up every morning, I’m in pain. I go to work in pain. You know how many time I wanted to just give up? How many times I’ve thought about ending it?”

Oh House, I do.

It’s so weird to think about House ending. I have learned so much about the practice of medicine and about my own health in general as a result of this fake person, this character that has been in my life for so long now. I started watching because it was a medical show with Hugh Laurie. I kept watching because I really felt so similar to House in odd ways. I knew what perpetual pain was like and I felt like we all had a crutch that we used – visible or not.

Alone, it is really easy for me to get cynical and to act like House. With others in my life, like Wilson, I could be the real me and be more calm.

House is just a character on a show. He’s not real and he’s never been real. But to me, House represents so much. I think ending the show is the right move now, but that doesn’t mean that I like it at all.

I’m holding my breath until I can see what happens next week in the finale. But I’ll miss House and all that he has represented.

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  1. Wow. I can so relate. I also know what it is likely having the certainty, the constant companion that will most likely never leave me… I can remember so well when my doctor finally told me "maybe shotting for pain-free is no longer a realistic goal"… It still hasn't completely sunk in…

    Hang in there, Kiddo. Despite it all, life is good. It is the Great Adventure and our quarter hasn't run out yet…

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