Day 22: Danka #NHBPM

Today, I am supposed to write a post for the things I am thankful for. I think we need some bullet points.

  • After a year of dealing with a crappy rheumy, I was able to find one that not only listens to me but works with me instead of just for me.
    • Her nurse practitioner is the bomb dot com and has even called me on personal time to check on me.
  • My niece is gorgeous and healthy. The gorgeous part may be kind of duh but there are unattractive babies out there.
  • I’m engaged! To the love of my life! And he’s pretty awesome at being supportive too. Also, super super handsome 🙂
  • Working like ten hours today! I’m only thankful because it’s holiday pay so instead of getting paid for ten hours, I get paid for 20! YES! That’s like $200!
  • Jenna Marbles.
  • FMLA
  • PTO
  • My new neck physical therapist and her buddy, the water exercise lady
  • Enbrel has really done a lot to help me. The real test will be this winter as that’s when Humira really stopped working.
  • For my health. I know it sounds really weird because it isn’t so great. But I haven’t been in the hospital ever because of Arthur (though I know times I probably should have) and I still responding somewhat to drugs and, unlike some friends, I’m not having to think about stem cell therapy.
  • You! You read my blog, you comment, you reach out to me to share your stories. It has made a huge difference in my life, knowing that I wasn’t alone in this.
Happy turkey day!

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