Earlier today, I was working on some future blog posts and the fiance turned to me and said that he sometimes sees me as Yoda helping people fight ‘the Darthritis.’

Badass, I am

At first I just thought it was hilarious and I was also pretty disappointed that other people hadn’t thought that up yet. Seriously.

Your lack of ingenuity is disturbing.

But then I actually started thinking about it. If you haven’t seen Star Wars (seriously, how are you alive at this point?), note that the rest of this contains spoilers.

Okay, so we all know that Luke goes through a lot of film roll thinking that Vader is an outside being unrelated to him – only to find that it is a part of him gone horribly wrong.

It’s pretty horrible.

It’s not unlike how people believe they have a cancer or mono or some other ailment until they find out they have a malfunctioning immune system… which leads me to my next point.

The white blood cells control immune response and are the weapons used against invading viruses and bacteria… like the Stormtroopers fight the rebels!

We heard you guys had some in-vaders.

The Millennium Falcon could be likened to the meds we take – their release mechanisms and effects on our bodies.

Every Luke needs a Yoda to sift through the information, to mentor us and to show us the ways of the rheumy force. Anyone could be your Yoda – your awesome doctor or nurse, your cousin, or a stranger you never even met. Together with their support/training and the support of your fellow ‘rebels’ I have no doubt that someday our bodies will decide to help us knock the evil Emperor Palpatine into the never ending tunnel of despair.

Do it man!

Now that I’ve stretched this comparison probably as far as it should go, I leave you with my arch nemesis – Darth Ritis.

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