Day 24: The Holy Grail of Spoons #NHBPM

If I had unlimited spoons… Man. I tell ya what, right now I could use a few of those days. I’d love to pre-register for the unlimited spoons days – like my wedding and honeymoon please? Pretty please?

I would love to use unlimited spoons for a Hawaiian vacation. I’d love to go snorkeling, to wander around volcanoes, to hike, to run along the beach. Damn.

If I could wake up tomorrow and be just fine with my spoons from now on, I would start running again. I would get better at swimming and swim the days I don’t run. I’d take on another job or go back to school and finish my masters. I’d for sure be down for babies, for babysitting, for play dates and all the Disney theme parks.

It’s amazing how much the lack of spoons really influences how much I do versus pain. Running would hurt sure, but with the spoons to recover it’d be worth it. Same with swimming. The kids? Maybe not as much.

There are so many limitations placed on our lives because of our illnesses. It’s disgusting 🙁

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