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Where does the time go??

Apparently when you’re planning a wedding with active fibro, you don’t blog a lot.


For those of you wanting more of a fix, be careful what you wish for! The Health Activist Writers Month Challenge (HAWMC), from Wego Health, is coming back beginning April 1st and you’ll get posts daily. Now that we’ve got the dress, venue, and cakes settled for our wedding in a year and a half, it’ll be a littler easier to post here anyway.

If you want more interaction with others dealing with this and like diseases, or you just want to see me post more things, I invite you to head on over to the facebook fan page for this blog. I post pictures and articles that I might not have a lot to say about a few times a week, and you’re certainly invited to email or FB message me questions to ask others using that page.

Here are some interesting articles you miss by not liking that page:

And that doesn’t even count the fun pictures of me and witty sayings you get!
If you feel the need to listen to me rant more often, I do have a twitter page too.
I hope this didn’t come off as an ad. I just get stuck on words blogging sometimes, especially with a lot going on, and tend to focus more on the social media aspect of health activism. I hope you’ll join me!

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