HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge, Laura

Day 7: Sensationalization of Illness #HAWMC

To be honest, there have been too many sensational cures going around in our lovely media lately that I don’t want to add to it or promote it. I will say that Dr Oz is one HUGE part of what I’m talking about, showing sensationalized “cures” for JIA without showing the medications individuals were on, or how it could be far more likely that an individual was misdiagnosed and that the treatment for one thing “cured” them of the incorrect illness.

I’m tired of being told to eat rum-soaked raisins. I’m tired of people telling me to avoid 8 different food groups. I’m tired of having all of these idiots think ‘arthritis’ is all aches and pains, and not see the chemotherapy, stem cell treatment, failed meds, and friends we lose because as a society we fail to see the value in researching new treatments and cures for autoimmune diseases.

Laura died because doctors – at a hospital she frequented – didn’t know how to handle someone with an autoimmune disease and practically non-existent immune system due to the treatments. Forgive me if I don’t want to lend credence to the idiots who don’t understand that these diseases are deadly.

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