HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Day 8: Arthur the Animal #HAWMC

Today’s prompt is a little tricky for me. I’ve been asked to write about what animal my disease would be if it was one. The thing is, though, that I love animals and I can find reasons for their actions so to compare any animal to Arthur is just insane.

If Arthur was any kind of animal, he would clearly be a human. He responds to the same situation differently always. When he doesn’t agree with what you’re doing, he will let you know immediately. He attacks no matter the situation, no matter how I feel or how much I try to be normal or healthier. He discriminates against me with the fire of the Westboro Baptist Church and doesn’t care to hear any rationale or to be reasoned with.

There is no animal so ruthless in nature that attacks without any provocation like Arthur, and no animal deserves to be compared to this being that can so willingly destroy and take lives. Animals are so much kinder in their killings than Arthur and the rest of humanity.

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