HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Day 15: Sharing is caring! #HAWMC

Today I’m supposed to comment on another HAWMC participant’s post, but I thought I would use the extra prompt from yesterday and instead share some of my favorite posts by other bloggers!

  • RAW4RA shares one of her favorite pictures of herself and it’s from her sister’s wedding. It’s always wonderful to see when our illnesses take a chill pill right when we need it so we can enjoy special days.
  • 710.9 talks about what superhero UCTD would be
  • 710.9’s partner talks caregiving
  • Chronic Curve writes a letter to her health conditions and shows, despite all she’s been through, that she is stronger than her body
  • Chronic Curve also goes into the ridiculous things people think will ‘cure’ us. I was just floored reading some of them and I’ve heard a lot of crazy things!
  • The Cryptic Cripple shares her appreciation for her honey in a post thanking our care givers for all they do for us – hear hear!
  • Carmen, Jane’s significant other, guest posts on Blackbird At Night about Caregiving 101 geared towards parents
  • Jamee’s husband John guest posts on A New Kind of Normal about caregiving, and emphasizes taking care of yourself
Happy reading!

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