HAWMC, health activist writer's month challenge

Day 19: Vintage #HAWMC

September 26th, 1993

This is the last picture taken of me before I got sick. Between this date and November 14th, something went horribly wrong in my body. I had just started kindergarten, though this was a Sunday so I was out cold on the couch. Look at all those normal little joints and rash-free skin. This was before all the misdiagnoses, the weekly labs, and the wheelchair by age 8 prognosis.

I think of all the things ahead for that little girl and I can’t help but get emotional. I didn’t choose to be sick. I certainly didn’t choose my illness. I try to not be bitter, but looking at this girl as not me but my niece or another child, she deserved more.

Live it up for the next month and a half little one. I’ll meet you on the flip side.

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