News Story Roundup & #cassandrachemo Twitter Chat Tonight!

If you’re not following the facebook page, you’re missing out on some great stories – and even better commentary!

There are also a couple of exciting things going on tonight! Obviously, the Oregon Ducks are going to win the National Championship.
There has been a story in the news recently about a 17 year old girl being forced to undergo chemotherapy by the state for her cancer. This girl is 8 months shy of 18, and her parents support her decision to go with alternative treatments. However, the court says Cassandra is not capable of making her own decisions due to having run away the first time she was forced to undergo treatments. You can read some of the back and forth on this over on my personal facebook page. There are also a few different links in the comments about this story.
Tonight, myself and Kelly Crab of Purple Project will be doing a Google Hangout at 5:30 Central time (6:30 ET or 3:30 PT) to discuss Cassandra’s case. If you want to join in, you can also find us on Twitter. Kelly is at @girlsgotguts and I am at @kirstie_schultz. Please use the hashtag #cassandrachemo (it’s long, but also not in use!).

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