MRI Fun, Part One

Wednesday I had my first MRI and my second IV.

I hate IVs, but I have to say Tracy was a pro. Barely hurt and after a few minutes I could move my arm as much as I wanted.

I love that the NIH has so many pics on their site

Kudos to everyone who told me how freaking loud the MRI machine was because damn.

They didn’t get me lined up right the first time, so they had to pull me back out of the machine and readjust everything, which meant going back into the hole again. The nice thing is that since this was of my hip I went in legs first… so I could at least pretend I wasn’t really all the way in the MRI.

After about half an hour, it was time to pull me back out and administer the contrast. At this point, I was hella warm because I was nervous, cramped, and around all the magnets (duh). I had some rash pop up and they were nervous it was something they needed to be worried about. The nice thing, though, was that they were cool when I told them I just get a lot of rashes due to my disease. I think there was one more ‘are you sure you’re okay?’ question before they sent me once more into the fray.

I know that those machines are small to begin with, but it definitely got me a lot more concerned about losing weight. I’m not a claustrophobic person but yikes.

Here’s the bad guy we’re looking for:

Check out that right side though. Yeowch. That’s a little funky.

And I don’t think this picture made the thought any better. Oy.

That was Wednesday night, and I still haven’t heard anything yet. Honestly, a little frustration is popping up here. It’s been four weeks with this pain coming up Thursday, and I’m a little miffed it’s taking so long to get things going.

At least I got dinos!

Oh well. Bring on the results baby!

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