life changes

3 weeks into the new job and life updates

And I’m hooked.

I can use my skill for real things. I work with doctors who LISTEN not just hear what you have to say. Granted, for treating kids you kinda have to? Still though.

I have gotten through two of my three monthly meetings intact. I also have met probably 85 people out of out 400ish people unit… and others that don’t count towards that total. I work somewhere where my organizational skills are appreciated too, and that’s awesome.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I’m glad to say that things will start to slightly slow down soon.

I hope.

Next Thursday I see another rheumatologist for her thoughts. She’s treated Still’s before and was puzzled why I’m on TNF drugs instead of kineret, actemra, or others. I’m glad someone else was as confused about that as I was! Am? I hope to report back good things! The welcome packet the team sent me for her clinic is already way better than anything I’ve gotten from my current place.

That night I also am getting together with some of my fabulous former coworkers who I’m missing like crazy.

My hip pain has lessened to the point where I don’t have to take the few precious narcotics I have every day anymore. We upped my NSAID so that’s helping too. I’m also realizing how out of it taking my flexeril makes me, so I’m stopping taking that at bedtime at least during the week. If I can sleep in and need to have it to sleep or for my spasms, I’ll use it. This will also help me see how well my lyrica is working for my fibro pain/sleep.

Hopefully I’ll hear back the week of Feb 2nd from the surgeon. While the pain has lessened, it’s not gone and it’s definitely still restricting my range of motion. I can only hope dude thinks I’m a good candidate for the surgery.

I’ve got more books to read, so you’ll start seeing more reviews posted in the coming months.

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