Bursa injections are hella weird

This morning, I had my first big procedure due to my Still’s… Yeah, I’m a little behind. Anyway, if you remember from my last post, docs think the biggest issue in my hip is not the torn labrum but snapping tendon syndrome – specifically on the iliopsoas bursa aka in your groin.

Honestly, looking at that graphic, it makes sense that my left side would have a problem seeing as how that’s attached to the part of my back that has scoliosis. Interesting…

The injection was hella weird/awkward/wtf just happened.

Since the shot was into my groin, I did a little landscaping yesterday in preparation. I’m glad I did too because they brought out that lovely blue sticky surgical sheet.

Taking that off was one of the worst parts!

First, got to experience a sonogram. I didn’t realize how weird that was going to be. My sister is due with her second kiddo at the end of the month, and here I am getting a sonogram! They could very obviously see the snapping in my hip as I did some extensions, which is good. They also were able to catch it from a couple of angles which was helpful. They got prepped and I got the lovely orange cleaning solution.

First, they went over stuff with me. They injected a numbing medication to help with the pain from the actual injection… then got that big needle all the way down to the bursa for the steroid and anesthetic mix.

Okay, so it wasn’t quite that big

One of the worst parts about it all was trying to move immediately after the injection. T had to help me put my pants on because it just was too uncomfortable to bend over with all the fluid now in my hip.

Side note: I’m really glad they required a driver because that was not fun and I definitely needed his help.

I got home and immediately did the things that before were hurting to see how much the injection helped. The biggest change got my 8 down to a 2 on the pain scale! Most everything was then in the 2-3 range which was so nice. I was able to crawl with Gus Gus with no pain.


Sitting in my chair at work without an angry hip has been really nice too. I’m trying not to overdo it, but I have done more flights of stairs than I normally do here at work.

I am so grateful to have had so many people be supportive over this whole thing. I know it’s not a hip replacement and it isn’t surgery, but even this was scary. It’s hard to be in a place where I am relying more and more on the world of medicine to be okay. Part of hating that is growing up without proper medical care. Another part is probably ego-related… and yet another is likely due to the fact that it means admitting that I’m not doing as well as it often seems to the outside world, that my body on the inside is more torn up and painful than I like to talk about.

Underneath applies to my innards right?

I’ve gotten through this and if I have to get more I’ll be okay with it as long as T is around, friends send me good vibes, and I’ve got my Batman underoos!

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