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Post-injection life and therapy

My ortho told me not to get cocky. I’m really trying not to get cocky. I know that the kenalog takes 3-5 days to take full effect… but it also doesn’t kill me to go up the stairs anymore.

Something I’ve more or less dealt with my entire life that just got worse recently isn’t a thing at the moment.

I seriously don’t know how to handle this.

Don’t get me wrong – I was sore after the anesthesia wore off after the injection. I was sore yesterday morning (it was also snowing so maybe that?). Today I feel a lot better.

Ironically for just having gotten steroids injected, I’m really tired today.

Yesterday I started therapy again. We agreed that I need to learn some of the more basic social skills, namely how to set different kinds of boundaries. We also agreed that it would be beneficial for me to figure out what types of relationships I want with those in my life and talk with the people about them. I don’t know how real families work, so talking with my dad and his family and figuring out what we want our interactions to be would be good. I also need to process my emotions related to various events in my childhood and this situation with my mother who still is causing problems.

The nice thing is that my antidepressants are working well. As helpful as I know medicine is, there is still a part of me that was concerned to go on them at all. Growing up in a household that loved learning about medical care but thought it wasn’t okay to use it can be very confusing.

I’m spending more time with friends and family lately. Having my own car is helping with that for sure, but I think I’m also allowing myself to finally really be my own person. I also am trying to make up for some lost time… I feel as though I’ve needed so much more from my friends in the last year than I’ve given, though I know a lot of my friends don’t agree. Maybe it’s a little guilt over needing so much with the wedding.

These are my people!

My theme this month is all about healing, and I think I’m off to a great start!

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