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Self-Care Sundays: positive doodles

I love love love Positive Doodles. Em is super talented, and I always find myself smiling whenever I stumble across her art. Her art, if you couldn’t tell from her blog title, is all about positivity and encouragement. Honestly, it’s a huge part of why I’ve improved as much as I have. T bought her calendar and we have it up in the hallway to our bathroom & bedroom, so I pass by it several times a day. It always makes me happy and makes me think I’m doing well, even when times are hard.
Why? See for yourself.

One of the things I love is that she does a lot of illness-related ones:

And I’ve always hated taking naps because it felt so unproductive, until recently. How can you argue with a cute fox?

These doodles have also helped me in dealing with my family issues. I’ve had some people say that it isn’t okay to cut off family, no matter how poorly they make you feel…

The guinea pig one just makes me happy, and reminds me that I’m not a bad writer. I just don’t always focus on my writing in the way that I should. 
Today I want you to check out Em’s blog and check out her doodles. Which ones are your favorite?

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