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Self-care Sunday: embracing the weird that is me

My word for June was ’embrace.’

I’m excited to say that I think I have done that on so many levels for myself.

Over Memorial weekend, I went to the Arthritis Introspective National Gathering (G8) in Milwaukee. I got to hang out with good friends – and finally MEET some of them!

I’m still reeling over meeting Britt! LIKE OMG

That gathering was amazing. It felt like home to me and that was something that I’ve been looking for for a long time.

It also has gotten me started on some really exciting projects that I can’t wait to tell you about – but I have to for now! GAH. As a preview, one of them has to do with the sexytimes.

Oh yeah.

I also embraced what my true calling is and made the decision to go back to school this fall for my MS in Health Care Administration with a focus on Health Care Advocacy and Navigation. What can I do with that degree? Move up in my current workplace or even be a professional patient advocate and go to appointments with people!

Part of why June was about embracing for me was because I needed to embrace who I really am. I still haven’t figured it all out, but I don’t think any of us do before we shove off this mortal coil.

In order to really embrace myself, I’ve had to deal with some hard things in therapy. It’s going to get worse I know, but it’s worth it. I’m not going to let go of my past, but I am going to OWN it.

I will no longer be a victim to my disease or my mother or anything else. I am what I make of myself, shitty past or not. I am a funky ukulele playing guinea pig parent who had a baseball wedding and believes in ghosts – and talking to them. I am a bomb ass wife, learning how to really be a sister and a daughter. I am a chronic illness patient and volunteer who loves talking openly about silly subjects.

Most of all, I’m a silly optimist.

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