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Medical Monday: link roundup

You guys should totally pick up this awesome shirt and donate towards Megan’s ride!

I wish that so many people weren’t mean about handicapped parking. Sometimes it seems to throw others off if you’re nice. I’ve noticed I don’t get as many pissy looks now that my hair is so short. Speaking of disabled things, I’m really not sure why therapy and service are both being used to describe this kangaroo. I thought you could only be one or the other.

Vermont just removed their philosophical exemptions for vaccines! You’ve probably heard by now that CVS is buying Target pharmacy. I’m a little concerned what this might mean for me, as Target is my go-to, but we’ll see what happens. Apparently RA has been linked to solar cycles?

Dude, badassery on crutches here and more in the form of like this cartwheeling turning into a split here.

Make sure you always stay engaged in your care. Push when you don’t think something is right. Don’t be afraid to say no or to get other opinions. It may just save you from pain – and worse.

If you use wheelchairs or other assistive devices, you may want to avoid using Uber. If you need accommodations at work and the like, you can check out this site on Accommodation Information by Limitation.

Singapore has a new card that will let those with chronic illnesses skip to the front of the line for the bathroom. Do you have issues with staying hydrated? Soon there will be a water bottle that reminds you to drink! I think I definitely need to get this. Would you like to start a business but don’t know how to get started? This new program at the University of Illinois-Chicago can help! It’s all about entrepreneurship for those with disabilities.

Have you heard about people who want to be disabled? I feel like they should read pieces like this on living with all the pain or this one on feeling like a junkie. Maybe if they knew diseases like fibro carry a 48 hour recovery period, they’d reconsider.

If your caregiver or loved ones need a little more of a peek into what you deal with, please have them read this. It addresses some issues both in chronic and terminal illnesses – and many of these things overlap. Another thing that is always good is to have an ID card with you medical information on it. Other people like having more electronic things like RoadID. I personally have a handwritten ID card in my wallet along with emergency contact info that scrolls along my phone’s lock screen.

Don’t forget to breathe.

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