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Medical Monday: link roundup

Ever want to cleverly get back at someone who parks in a handicapped spot without needing it? Here’s an idea for you – post-it notes.

If you’re on tumblr, go follow ‘Arthritis Humor.’ It’s pretty awesome. Hey, while you’re at it, follow me there too! I don’t always post things about chronic illness, but you’re more likely to see pictures of my piggies there or on instagram than anywhere else!

With the recent awesomeness regarding marriage equality, it’s worth noting that our work isn’t done. Unfortunately there are many more civil rights issues out there, even regarding marriage. Many people with disabilities have to forgo marriage because it would lose them disability benefits or Medicaid and the like. Even more than that, if the government thinks you’re basically married, then they could take away these benefits. Sadly, I know many in this boat.

Sadly, flying with a wheelchair really, really sucks… But there are wheelchair accessible beaches out there so there’s that. Hopefully with this wheelchair that can climb stairs, everywhere will become more accessible! And hey, if that’s not cool enough, check out how this dad made an accessible swing in his backyard!

Speaking of, the 25th anniversary of the ADA is this month!

We all encounter those who don’t think we’re sick. Now you have a guide for how to handle them!

If you’re living with someone dealing with a chronic illness, or just want something to show friends, check out this post on helpful things to say to someone in chronic pain and this one on 29 secrets of being a caregiver. And if you’re in a relationship with chronic illness? Check out this article on lessons a partner has learned and this one on intimacy.

Often, those of us with disabilities face issues with parenting. For some, it’s fertility or disease activity related, but it can be a mental crapshoot as well. We wonder if we’ll be effective enough parents – helpful enough for our partners but also active enough for our kids. This isn’t limited to humans either – sometimes pet parents have these issues too… though I don’t have to worry if my piggies will be sick like me.

There are pretty cool toys to help children with JA and other diseases with joint strengthening.

If you’re looking to break up with your doctor, make sure you do it the right way… maybe it’ll be because he uses the Figure 1 app and that creeps you out.

Speaking of doctors doing things, check out how a clinic in Yakima, Washington, is utilizing social media.

The INTERCEPT system, used in Europe for some time already, is coming to the US! It helps rid donated blood of pathogens.

Check out this rare disease toolkit set!

Ever curious about how medications get approved? Novartis has your back!

If you’re able to work out a lot, check out the Charity Miles app. You can donate to your favorite charity via your workouts!

They are working on tricorders you guys!

Here’s a cool article explaining how to go about conserving spoons. Speaking of, check out my recent photo project!

Like many states, Kansas’ state health care isn’t really helping people with disabilities. Unfortunately that seems to be a direction we’re going in the country. Here in Wisconsin Scott Walker has made so many cuts that he’s kicked thousands of deserving and needy people off of government assistance.

Medical debt isn’t exactly a fun topic, but one we need to discuss. Here are some ways to battle that debt. The people over at RIP Medical Debt have a good plan too – one that allows us to erase a ton of medical debt. See, debt is often sold to third parties who conduct collection calls and such. This company is looking to be one of the third parties – and erase debt. That’s pretty awesome.

If you need a laugh, Dr. Oz has to go back to clinical practice as punishment for being a quack. Or you can watch this video from Buzzfeed on what it’s like to date a med student… which may or may not also describe living with me.

Toni Braxton has opened up more on living with lupus and what she finds is hardest about that. Oh hey, Daniel Radcliffe has cluster headaches so the spoonie community just got that much cooler. And Dominique Easley from the Patriots is helping his sister battle fibro. Did you know Amy Schumer is a HUGE MS advocate? Perhaps the coolest information as of late? Serena Williams has been studying pre-med after her sister Venus’ Sjorgen’s Syndrome diagnosis.

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