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Therapeutic Thursday: Juvenile Arthritis Conference

It’s almost time!

This Saturday Theron and I will board a plane to Orlando to spend a few days exploring before the JA conference!

We plan to spend a few days at Universal because HARRY POTTER YOU GUYS.

I can’t wait to try butterbeer and all the fun things. Oh and we’re going to Busch Gardens too!

I can’t wait to see how the little cats they had a few years ago have grown. Watching Wildlife Docs is making me even more excited.

Then I get to meet up with this hottie, Emily of Chronic Curve, who is practically my galentine soulmate. Just saying.

Honestly this already is so much coolness that I’m freaking out a little bit.


I get to go hang out with JA families and cool peeps from Arthritis Introspective again!

Honestly I just hope I can keep up with all this! I tend to get overexcited and fill my plate a little much with these types of things.

When I get back, I’ll be starting kineret. We didn’t want to start it before I went in case I had a bad reaction or someone didn’t get the memo about not bringing sickness to the event with kids on chemo and biologics.

I’ve written up a ton of blog posts so you won’t have to miss me when I’m galavanting around and enjoying more Harry Potter land than you!

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