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IQ Massager Pro V review

A few weeks ago, my awesome friend Melissa and I took a trip to the Abilities Expo in the Chicago area.

Gah my moon face is killing me

We were accosted by a salesdude who was great at schmoozing. We’ve decided that he thought we were mother and daughter. Anyway, he was selling this IQ Massager Pro V dealy and basically like slapped them on us before we could run away.

After sitting there for a few minutes and playing with the device, I did a complete 180 on everything I’ve ever felt about tens units. My mom had a shitty one when I was in high school and college that would zap you. It wasn’t easy to control and didn’t have different settings. The contacts were not stable and no one ever should’ve been using that thing. This little guy though was like heaven on my angry neck.

We got a deal on two and split the cost thanks to the schmoozer.

After an almost two-hour drive home from the expo, I needed for sure to use this device again. I was able to play with the settings more and really enjoy it. I’ve found a few settings that are the go-tos depending on how I’m feeling or what type of pain I have.

The nicest thing is that this has really helped the area where my neck and shoulder meet, which has been a problem area that nothing really helps. My former rheumy thought it was tendinitis, but did nothing for follow up or a confirmation so who knows? From my own investigations, it seems like tendinitis in my trapezius muscle area which runs from the base of your head/neck to your shoulder.

My faces are ridiculous I know, but I had it up too high!

It’s not an area that is easy to deal with. Having my left arm in a sling can help, but isn’t always the most practical – especially if I’m at work. This little guy can though. It’s also an electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) which means it’s an FDA regulated machine so that’s always nice. It charges via USB too which is great! And you can use two sets of pads at once.

There are a few things I do dislike here. This particular model didn’t come with literature on where to not use the machine so googling that was frightening and caused anxiety. The pads don’t hold a lot of stick for a long time – I’ve only had it a few weeks and I’m started to kill the adhesive. The intensity of the machine seems to grow the longer you use it on a certain spot. Maybe that’s just because of how it’s working or something that it’s supposed to do but it can be surprising. It also can make me feel a little woozy from the vibrations in addition to the occasional zap when it’s up too high. I also wish it had come with a little carrying pouch!

This kinda works so it’s good I kept this I guess?

I would definitely buy this again and plan to keep using it until I kill it. It has more than covered its cost for me in how much I’ve used it since getting it. I’m able to use it at work or driving or watching TV easily and that really helps. It’s lightweight and portable, but packs enough of a punch to help. As with any electronic thing, it’s a little scary to read some of the things you shouldn’t do or people who shouldn’t use it and all that.

I joked the other day that I wish there was an easy way to set my relationship status on facebook to married to T but with this machine as my lover. It’s silly I know, but an indication of just how effective it’s been for me.

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  1. Awesome that you found something that helps! I've been considering investing in a TENS unit for sure but need to do some more research before pulling the trigger, I think. Hope you had a great time at JA!

  2. Research is definitely a great idea. I felt more than a little pressured to snag this from the sales dude, but it is pretty nice. It was tons of fun! Maybe next year we can go together! 😀

  3. We recently were @ K- Days Exhib.
    Silmiliar to your story.We were walking thru the Expo Centre Shopping gallery of Dustributors of many demonstration of new products.We neer Alex a young Germain IQ Pro VI EMS Massagwr TENS
    Representative who offeted us a demonstration.Both of us as normal people who have common health issues
    Sore Back Neck abd Shoulders are also skepital about new items and products
    We have tried Accunpunture Chiropeactors Professiomal massages.
    We found the IQ Technology Pro VI new model just on the market Apil 2016
    The Pro VI 18 modes 20 setting is like having Accunpunture – Chiropractor Chinese TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Massage stilamation.
    Tbe Diffrent Intensity 20 levels
    18 modes releasung tension Stress abd Pain associated tbru diffrent Merdians Accunpunture Trigger points of your vital body organs.The EMS TENS unit is Compact credit card size with Rechargable Lithium Ion battery
    by USB cable charger.I recommend
    the IQ Technology Pro VI massage unit.It ia a great Medical Device
    money value Investment for all your health issues and needs to improving
    a Pain Free Healthy lifestyle..

  4. Anonymous says:

    hello! i was searching for instructions on how to operate the iqmassager pro v and i ended up here!! love your writing!! and if you could help me get my massager working that would be awesome!! not sure when i can get back to the mall where i purchased it. bobby nyc

  5. nancy says:


  6. To operate your IQ ProIV or VI new
    TENS Massagerunit. First Charge unit before usage.Turn on top push button
    Apply Pads to Body Part as per Included Body Accunpunture Poster for treatments
    Select icon and set treatment option
    Set time of treatment.Sit or lay back Relax. Enjoy the IQ TENS Massage session

  7. Anonymous says:

    How do you use both sets of pads at the same time…Or do you have to switch manually?

  8. The cord from the unit to the pads splits into two electrodes so it's one cord and two pads that operate all at once

  9. Anonymous says:

    I bought one and couldn't even get the unit to power on but when I tried to get them to check it out or at least do an exchange , I got the runaround. This started in April 2017 and I'm still trying to find where their office is in Edmonton. I bought this unit at stall located in a hospital so thought it must be a reputable company? I was obviously incorrect in my thinking since someone on email (supposedly a rep named Caroline for the company) has been leading me a merry chase since I made the mistake of buying the IQ Massager PRO IVs from a vendor stall in a hospital in Edmonton in April 2017. I count myself lucky though since I was only conned for $210. I've read of others being scammed out of more than that. Live and learn.

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