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Self-Care Sunday: eating well with illness

It seems like every few weeks I get this thing where I can’t really eat. I just have no appetite. The first time this happened I was six… and lost a lot of weight in the middle of already being tremendously sick at the time.

You could see my bones. It was bad.

The most recent event happened to coincide with starting kineret and getting back from the JA conference. I’m not sure if it was from starting the drug, the traveling, or just because I hadn’t been on meds for a while. My guess would be the latter because my theory is that I get swelling somewhere in my digestive system because I often feel bloated too.

Next time this happens I’ll definitely pop off to the doctor.

But in the meantime, how was I supposed to eat and get any energy? I stopped by Whole Foods and took a gander, finding Probar Base. I already had peanut butter (and have since switched to a healthier PB – Peanut Butter & Co’s Smooth Operator) so I figured I should try it.

This dairy free meal wound up being over 40 grams of protein which was great!

Living in Wisconsin, being dairy free is a little more than awkward. I’ve decided that I’ll do minor dairy but try to do so at home… mostly because I have a lactose intolerance and it sucks. I’ve found I can tolerate dairy up to a certain point – or more, depending on the brand. There’s a local farm that we get our dairy from and I’ve never had a problem with it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of that shake, so I’ve switched to rice milk with my coffee instead.

When I can’t eat a lot, I try to make sure that I get a good amount of protein so I can fuel my body. I tend to supplement with things that I love to eat but don’t always let myself eat then – potatoes, lots of sweets, etc. Getting enough calories means more energy – and hopefully not falling asleep at work!

What are some things you do to make sure you eat well even when you aren’t feeling the best?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kristen. I also have lactose problems. I think all the meds my body has endured for so long make it worse. There is a wonderful product called Lactaid that you can take to help with dairy products. It's an enzyme the pharmacist gave me when I worked at the hospital 39 years ago. I don't like the Lactaid milk it is too sweet. I have discovered cashew milk recently which is thick and delicious like regular milk. The chocolate one is divine and I like it better than almond milk. It has no dairy but it is a great fake. The softer the dairy the higher the lactose. So milk is a never on my stomach where cheddar cheese never bothers me. I can increase what I eat of other dairy if it is a hard cheese and lower if frozen yogurt. Lactaid is wonderful for any of that. Plus there is so much dairy in our prescriptions and food like hotdogs ( I don't eat anymore) where you would never expect it. The arthritis meds and antibiotics that make me the sickest usually are high dairy but the Lactaid helps that too when necessary I take the RX. So stomach upset think Lactaid. It is just an enzyme so pharmacist says it is safe. Hope this helps and you feel better soon.
    Have a blessed week.
    Nancy P

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