Death is a difficult subject to approach for many. I think a lot of it has to do with beliefs or fears about what happens to us and the loved ones left behind when we pass.

Last October I was lucky enough to visit a medium. It was an interesting experience. I’m unsure how much some of the changes the medium asked me to make have really improved my life, but the visit gave me a new outlook on things – and helped me feel more comforted by the loved ones I’ve lost, namely my great-grandma Katie Mae and Laura. They didn’t have much to say via the medium because, as it turns out, they communicate directly with me a lot. Laura shows up in random butterflies when there shouldn’t be any, and grandma gives me random hugs and smells we loved.
If you’re thinking about seeing a medium, make sure to prepare.
A mortician recently wrote a piece on why it’s important to start thinking about death early on – and why death isn’t something to be feared… though some things associated with spreading a loved one’s ashes somewhere could be.
When I die, I want my funeral or wake to be a party. I want people to enjoy each other’s company and love each other. I love the idea of incorporating an ice cream truck or my favorite cocktails into that supposedly somber day. The last thing my loved ones need is more mourning and grief displayed publicly. 
And if I die before Theron, he’s gonna need love, hugs, dad jokes, and support.

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